Wet Surface Air Coolers

Applications for WSAC® closed-loop, evaporative coolers and condensers

Liquid cooling

  • Water/waste water
  • Mold-water
  • Glycols
  • Food products
  • Oils

Gas cooling

  • CO2
  • Natural gas
  • Air
  • Nitrogen

Vapor condensing

  • Steam
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrocarbons (Propane, Ethane, Propylene)

System specifications

  • Packaged
  • Modular
  • Field Erected

WSAC systemWSAC® systems are best applied for operations that will benefit from a leaving temperature of the process stream that is lower than can be reached economically by a cooling tower system. We have installations that provide exit temperatures below 80°F in extreme summer climates where cooling water can not provide this performance.

steel industryIn the steel industry, we serve B.O.F. cooling, continuous caster water cooling, coke oven by-product cooling, benzene suppression, oil cooling, steam condensing, waste water biological treatment temperature control, and various water cooling duties.

In the chemical processing industry, we condense hydrocarbons and cool many process streams.

WSAC machinesIn the food industry, we provide cooling and condensing of organic vapors and cooling of process water streams.

In the pulp and paper industry, we provide vacuum condensers for black liquor recovery.

In the power industry we provide turbine steam condensing, thyristor cooling for long range transmission and general water cooling.

In general industrial applications, we provide furnace cooling, closed re-circulating water cooling, hydraulic and lube oil cooling, compressor jacket cooling, evaporative condensing, and compressed air cooling. These are a few of our more successful applications but we are in no way limited by the above list. 

ElectricalOur electrical capabilities are all part of the package, and far exceed our customer's expectations.  We support our customers' specific electrical specifications needs, handling everything from control panels to aftermarket retrofits, and whatever falls in between.  We cater to our Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC®) customers and their complex engineered-by-design units, as well as our Kathabar customers, which require the same solid expertise, and attention to detail we are recognized for.  We are here to help - our capabilities are endless! 

Control panels:  

  • Niagara/Kathabar standard controls
    • Projects with no customer specifications
    • Designs are safe, cost effective, and reliable
  • Customer specification controls
    • Projects with full or partial customer specifications
    • Quoted, designed, and built to specification

PLC capabilities:

  • Our PLC capabilities are limitless, please specify at time of quotation.
  • Niagara/Kathabar standard PLC's include:
    • Allen Bradley
    • Siemens
    • Automation Direct

Certifications in which we design and build to: 

Niagara/Kathabar builds to customer specification and has experience with but is not limited to the following:

  • UL, cUL, CSA, ATEX, IECex
  • Domestic and international hazardous area installations (Class I Divisions I and II or equivalents)

If you have specific needs please contact us to discuss your project. 


Niagara/Kathabar uses electrical instrumentation that keeps cost down while providing reliability as a standard, but we are capable of using any customer specified instrumentation.  Please specify your needs at time of quotation. 

Quality control: 

All control systems are fully tested in the factory to assure efficient installation and commissioning by our qualified technicians.  Niagara/Kathabar will work with your specific quality needs and documentation upon request. 

Pre-wiring:  (small fabricated units -big value add to customers) 

Niagara/Kathabar can wire all electrical components to a pre-mounted control panel or junction box to save wiring in the field.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, please inquire at time of quotation. (Note that for larger equipment that ships in pieces, prewire may not be feasible) 

Aftermarket retrofits and customer support: 

Niagara/Kathabar supports all legacy installations of equipment.  In the event that electrical instrumentation and controls become obsolete and replacement is needed we are here to help you and can retrofit all instrumentation and controls to our current standards as needed.