Service FAQs

Below is a list of commonly asked questions. Should these FAQs not address your specific questions or concerns, please contact our help desk at (800) 426-5169.

Is there a way to obtain a copy of the WSAC guide?

Are OEM parts available for older Niagara equipment?

Yes, Niagara maintains original design and manufacturing records to assist with replacing parts.

Are control system upgrades available?

Yes, Niagara offers control systems designed to meet today’s operational needs.

Are replacement operating and maintenance manuals available?

Yes, Niagara maintains system specific operating and maintenance manuals.

How often should eliminator pads be checked or replaced?

This depends on the environment, however as a general rule they should be checked and cleaned on a monthly basis and replaced only when needed.

Can too much No-Frost® liquid be added to a system?

Yes, concentration limits can be exceeded. Contact our help desk for recommendations.

Are No-Frost® liquids UDSA and or CFIA approved?

Yes, No-Frost® liquids are approved for use in food plants.